Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sing And Skip-Along With A Loving Heart

Another song from 'The Sound of Mucus'written by Ann in England
Executive Board Member at EFFORTS

I am sixty going on seventy
I've got C-O-P-D
But with exercise and an attitude
It won't be the death of me.

Other members here remind me
They've been around for years
Had rehab classes, now kicking asses
They laugh more than they cry tears

Totally unprepared were you
To face this feared disease
Shocked to the core and scared were you
But read and learn here, please.

You are fifty; your lungs are ninety
Member, it's time to think
Of coming to terms, avoiding the germs,
And mind what you eat and drink

Here are people older, still living,
Advising us what to do
With the support that EFFORTS is giving
You can live longer, too.

Totally unprepared were they
To face days with such dread
Shocked to the core and scared each day,
Now living with hope instead.

It doesn't matter what age we are now
Or that we've been naive
We'll be go-getters, and we'll feel better
There's still more we can achieve!

Thanks, Ann -
What a great way to start the day!