Friday, June 8, 2007

A bit more from Phil

Phil worked and reworked his article on breathing (see previous post below) many times before he was satisfied with the result and considered it done.
In his final version he included a few links that he found helpful. I'm adding those here and also the links to COPD Canada - a site that Phil was a valued contributor to; the COPD Canada forum which Phil founded and to his home page.
Thank you, Phil.

Helpful Links-
Breathing Techniques from Healthy Although this link is for anxiety, it gives the best account of diaphragm breathing that I have found on the net. It allows for the fact that it is so hard to learn.
Another link for Diaphragmatic Breathing (with illustrations!)
One more from the diaphragm...
and one from the COPD-International libray on Pursed Lip Breathing (PLB)

COPD Canada

The COPD Canada Forum - where everyone is welcome, no matter where you're from!

Phil's Homepage