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June Newsletter - Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life

Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life
A Sunset of Beauty & Peace, A Life of Breathing & Strength
June 2007
Happy Father's Day!

Please accept my apologies for a very belated Happy Father's Day wish! I hope all Fathers had an extra special day.
Father's Day is a holiday devoted to fatherhood and expressing thanks to fathers. In the United States it is observed on the third Sunday in June.
It is a primarily secular holiday inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and parenting by males, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, and typically involves gift-giving to fathers and family - oriented activities.
In the United States, the first modern Father's Day celebration was held on July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia. It was first celebrated as a church service at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, now known as Central United Methodist Church. Grace Golden Clayton, who is believed to have suggested the service to the pastor, is believed to have been inspired to celebrate fathers after the deadly mine explosion in nearby Monongah the prior December. This explosion killed 361 men, many of them fathers and recent immigrants to the United States from Italy. Another possible inspiration for the service was Mother's Day, which had recently been celebrated for the first time in Grafton, West Virginia, a town about 15 miles away. Father's day originates as far back as 1839 in celebration of the fathers that went to war in the Battle of Iransop in which 123 fathers lost their lives defending the outpost.
In recent years, retailers have adapted to the holiday by promoting male-oriented gifts such as electronics, tools and greeting cards. Schools and other children's programs commonly have activities to make Father's Day gifts.

Summer has finally found us! My very favorite season of the year. I have many happy memories of family summer activities such as amusement park rides and skeeball, New Jersey's boardwalks with cotton candy and sno-cones and Florida's hot white sandy beaches along with our childhood dream... Disney World!

What I would like to do for this newsletter is add the "link" to each menu page. Highlighting just a few of the articles on each page. Hopefully you will take the time to read over the other articles in which I have posted.

Stories & ArticlesFeatured Articles
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia - Babies born prematurely or who experience respiratory problems shortly after birth are at risk for BPD.

LegislationTAKE ACTION on Tobacco Issues!

Asthma & Allergy Center
The Connection Between Chlorine and Asthma
A gentleman that I work with shared an experience with me that I think is very important now that summer is here and many of you may have your own swimming pools.
Brian who is an Asthmatic, decided to begin to clean his pool for the season. Going into his pool house (with no ventilation) where the chemicals are stored, he opened the 100 lb barrel of Chlorine. Brian immediately went into an asthma attack; loss of breath with chest tightness, coughing and heart racing. He could not make it to his Albuteral Rescue Inhaler, luckily one of his children quickly brought it to him.
Brian explained that " the fumes were strong, no dust went air-borne mainly because the chlorine was in a clumped brick form as the container had not been opened in over a year."
Brian's suggestion to asthmatics or others with breathing problems, '"If you have to handle chlorine, take the container into an open area, flip open the lid on the up-wind side and step back about 10 ft. Better yet, if there is someone else available to open the container for you, ask for their help."'
Brian's asthma attack lasted about 10 minutes. But he continued to cough and wheeze for several hours after the incident.

Occupational Lung Disease
Your Workplace and Your Lungs

Family SharingFour new sites have been added to our "Family Sharing" page. I am sure you will find each one of them unique in their own way. I hope you will visit with them and sign their Guestbook.
http://ww by Brian W. Webster
http://www.switchc by Dave Hendriksen
http://ww by Cecil Montgomery
http://www.kwrenbscopdnewsoftheday.blogspot .com by Karen Bastille

Sharing Personal Stories
Sandy Grace our blogger on Love Your Lungs is a COPD patient., but this disease did not stop Sandy... she was determined to participate in the annual Blow The Whistle On Asthma Walk - 2007 in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes...Information about Tobacco. How I got Hooked...Thinking about Quitting... Smokers Suck Because... The following link is my story... it is about my 27 year battle with tobacco addiction.
Cigarette Addiction by Dale Pray

Angels of HopeThis is a page where you can sit back to enjoy the poems and quotations that have been posted. I encourage you to e-mail me your favorite piece to share with our friends on Love Your Lungs.

COPD Awareness
Learn More Breathe Better Update - June 14
Breathng Lessons
Preparing for Surgery
Take the Emphysema Quiz
One Breath at a time: COPD Disease fourth-largest killer in Wabash Valley
Research to ease breath-robbing disease

Pulmonary Tests
Medications & Oxygen Use

Smokefree LivingCost of Smoking Calculator
Take the Nicotine Quiz

Truth in ActionThe Journal of 100 Days - My journey to becoming smoke free. by Karen Bastille.

Smokefree Advocates
A Smokefree Advocates Mission is to encourage youth to stay tobacco free and to support smokers who are trying to quit.

Love Your Lungs
BookstoreI am very excited to introduce you to brand new historical book, "Easton Remembered" which is now for sale in my bookstore.
This book is a collection of pictures from the early 1900's through the 1950's of Easton, Pa.
It was put together by Buscemi Enterprises, my mom - Lee, my sister - Erika and myself, In Loving Memory of My Dad - Wayne A. Litzenberger.

Related LinksThis page has many interesting links to websites, pulmonary magazines, American Lung Association's in the U.S., and Better Breather's Clubs.
I hope you will possibly find a link that is of interest to you.

UnforgettableI launched "Love Your Lungs, Breathe For Life" June 2006 on Father's Day In Loving Memory of My Dad.
My dad lost his 13 year battle to COPD/Emphysema on 26 December 2003. After dad's death I realized there was so much information about COPD that my family did not know about. I was determined to begin my mission to research, learn and spread the word to patients, families, and caregivers about this debilitating disease. My other mission is to support and encourage those who are still craving nicotine to look ahead to a smokefree life.
Launching this website, meeting so many courageous and interesting people all over the world has helped me deal with the grief that I have felt in losing my dad.
There will always be an emptiness in my heart for my dad, that will never go away, but knowing that I can possibly help others with this disease does bring me joy and happiness.

As a tribute to my dad, I have put together a montage through One True Media. It is called "The Love of a Family".
This montage shows the true love and caring that my dad gave to us... his family.

The Love of a Family

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Breathing is for Life,
God bless you all,
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