Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Goodie Bag# 36 The Chronic Babe.com Newsletter For Tuesday, July 24

My subscription to this every-other-Tuesday newsletter has just begun and I love it already! This issue is devoted to travelling with chronic illness as part of your baggage. Great links, great articles, great tips!

From the newsletter:

Travel's tricky, but planning helps! Travel used to be extra-hard for the Editrix, who, among other things, has chronic foot pain. Standing in line, walking across massive airports, trotting around cities—not easy for a Babe in pain! But she's learned to ask for help and pack smart when it comes to medication, two things that help ensure ease of travel.

New today at ChronicBabe.com: Our top travel tips
Come along with Jocelyn Tomkinson, who teaches us tons of great travel tips she's learned while globe-trotting—wheelchair and all! She has solo "chairpacked" around the world and has a lot of good advice for preparation and practical use on the road, whether you live with a disability, chronic illness, or both. This is a must-read for any ChronicBabe on the go!

Did you know? Disabled Travelers is a handy place to go for great travel tips and information for anyone with physical limitations, major and minor. We love the airline info, travel-related health alerts from WebMD, tours, home exchanges, cruises...this site's got it all!

What we're up to lately...
Editrix Jenni's putting the final touches on her first eBook, which will go on sale in August. Goodie Bag subscribers will get a special discount when we launch it, so check your inboxes for an announcement! We're also getting ready for our first series of f*r*e*e teleseminars, featuring LIVE expert interviews on topics like creative coping methods, relaxation techniques, sexuality and chronic illness, and more. It's all coming soon so stay tuned!

Fab five: sites we love right now Gimp on the Go
We just adore Adam Lloyd's take on travel, and his site offers loads of disability-related travel resources...even Gimp on the Go luggage tags!

World Traveler
It's hard to find a better selection of luggage—including specialized pieces—anywhere else. We love their customer service, too.

Lonely Planet
Some of the best guidebooks we've ever read came from Lonely Planet, which can help you find all the choice local spots.

ExpediaThe Editrix's favorite travel booking site, they get us the best rental car and hotel rates over and over and over...and they have terrific customer service.

Adventurous Wench
We haven't tried them yet, but their tours look incredible and they boast all kinds of women-centric goodies. Worth checking out!

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