Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Catch-Up

Lots of good stuff going on over the weekend –
Time to play Monday Catch-Up.

The June/July issue of EFFORTS newsletter has just been issued –
You can read it in PDF format here
Or in HTML here

In addition to the newsletter, it’s definitely worthwhile to check out EFFORTS Main Website
There is a lot of information on COPD already there along with great diligence devoted to keeping it updated.

I stumbled across a laugh-out-loud blog by an RT this weekend, I plan on making it one of my regular stops.
Respiratory Therapy 101: Just Keep Breathing
A Respiratory Therapist explains the view from the head of the bed.

This anonymous therapist describes his So Not Easy and emotionally draining job with both compassion and an exquisite sense of the absurd.
I love it.
(And it’s interesting to hear what it’s all about on the other side of the neb )

Something else new this weekend is the new support group that a couple of great ladies put together at Yahoo groups –
Caring COPD FriendsI’ll let them describe the group:.
“We are a friendly caring group who all have interests outside our disease we enjoy sharing with our online friends.If you enjoy gardening, crafts, recipes, whatever--we want you to share them with us. A funny story is always better shared.
We all need people we look forward to conversing with and sharing our lives with and that's what we are here for.”

Sign me up!
Sign you up, too? Just head on over to the homepage and click Join This Group…

I began work on another new project this weekend – Ann Lornie, one of the board members at the EFFORTS site is very talented and for quite some time has been writing COPD theme songs borrowing the format from other songs that are old favorites of almost everyone. I’ve started collecting her work in order to compile a COPD songbook.
(I guess I’m planning some sort of COPD Carol Sing? I don’t know….)
Searching the group archives to find her work, I came up with this one that I want to share now. It made me stop my work for a moment for a bit of a cry, both nostalgic and grateful.

Hey Dude
(thanks again, Beatles!)

Hey dude,
please don't be sad
Leave that bad stage
and make it better.
to exercise for your heart,
Then you can start
to make life better.

Hey dude,
don't be afraid.
You are tough -
so be a go getter.
Don't let it
get under your skin,
Just begin
and you'll feel better!

And anytime you feel the pain,
hey dude,
Don't carry the world
upon your shoulders.
For well you know
that it's a fool
who plays it cool
By not trying to be bolder.

Hey dude,
please don't feel down.
You have found us,
we have missed you.
Remember to let us
into your heart,
And all of us
are here just to assist you.

So breathe it out and breathe it in,
hey dude,
You're waiting for
to help you.
And don't you know
that we are here?
Hey dude,
just grin,
What you need
is here.
We'll help you.

Hey dude,
please don't be sad
Leave that bad stage
and make it better.
to exercise for your heart,
and begin
To make it better, better, better..
Na na na,
na na na na,
na na na na,
hey dude...

Well, you get the picture? We are here to offer support to each other and help each other to see that small improvements can be made in our own lives that make BIG differences to our outlook on life. We are also here to get the word out to others that this disease better watch out - we are on its case!

Ann Lornie