Monday, August 27, 2007

"Breath Of Life" Walk Team / "Knights Of Melody"

On 26 December 2003 my dad, Wayne A. Litzenberger passed away after a 13 year battle with COPD/Emphysema.

In 2004 the ALA honored me as Family Team Chairperson, for the "Breath of Life" Walk - In Memory of my dad. It was a beautiful tribute to his life.
Pictured is my team of friends and family. We collected $4,000.00 for the American Lung Association.

Since that time I have become very involved in lung disease work and smokefree living. In June 2006 on Father's Day, I launched my own website In Memory of my dad. I am now an Advocate for Lung Disease Awareness & Smokefree Living.

I've joined hundreds of others throughout our area raising funds for the American Lung Association® and the fight against Lung disease.
Please join me in my efforts to make a difference for the millions who suffer from COPD, emphysema, asthma and other lung diseases.

Your donation to the American Lung Association can help make a difference in their research efforts to find improved treatments and eventually cures.

I invite you to join my team, "Knights of Melody" and walk with me or if you are not able to walk, consider making a donation through my site to the American Lung Association.
The WALK FOR LIFE AND BREATH will take place on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007 at Nay Aug Park, Scranton, Pa.
Thank you and please remember,

"When You Can't Breathe, Nothing Else Matters"

Lori Palermo