Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Exercise - Every Move Counts!

We've just finished up a week of vacation (?), a week spent moving from one side of our house to the other. It's a long story - enough to say that my husband and I share our home with my daughter and her daughter and the shift will benefit everyone.

Part of the switch included the bathrooms. Our bathroom will now be in the finished lower level, down a flight of stairs.
Our kitchen is an add-on, it also has three steps down to enter.
Of course if I'm not feeling well or even just feeling too lazy to use the stairs there is no reason I can't share the upstairs bathroom with my daughter, but there is a real advantage to this arrangement.

Stairs are great exercise!

In fact most household activities provide exercise. Here are a few links I found to help you
Sneak Extra Exercise Into Your Life Cleaning up, goofing off, even shopping – do these activities count as exercise? You bet they do. Learn some new ways to sneak extra exercise into your life by making the most of the movements you do every day.

Healthy Living - Exercise in Your Daily Activities

and Bits Of Exercise Add Up To Better Health