Friday, August 17, 2007

Five for Friday - My Favorite Posts From Other Blogs

Grace has started a brand new blog (her first!), called "WOW, that had to hurt" and I'm already hooked after only three posts. Read her entry for Thursday, then be sure to follow up for the answer to her riddle and an important lesson in kindness in Friday's post.

Lin Neiswender at The Land of Lin also has a message of kindness, this time the kindness of strangers (and angels in disguise.) Read her post about receiving the oximeter she needed from one of those stranger-angels.

Believe is back with a post on her blog LUNG CANCER LIFE:: TOUCHING BASE. She shares her own feelings of vulnerability while dealing with her illness, and still, she is again reaching out to help others. God bless you, Believe. Our prayers and gratitude are with you.

Eric Valentine at Scattered Chatter gives us all a Small Escape
with his beautiful photographs of his escape to the park.

And last, but far from least!, is Russ' picture of the week at his blog - The COPD Spouse. Precious picture, precious spouse...