Monday, August 13, 2007

The Rocky Mountains, With COPD, Using Oxygen And A Small Scooter by Mike Mann

Lassen Volcanic (8,500') and Yellowstone (7,500') National Parks and Five Great Museums in Cody (5,000'), Wyoming

This is the inspiring story of a trip taken by Mike Mann - not a man to take "no" for an answer!

"This adventure actually began in the spring of 2006. Fran's sister who had been living in Concord, CA had purchased land in Alturas CA and built a new log home on it. It had been a couple of years since Fran had seen her sister Jo Anne, and we discussed a driving trip out since I had hated flying before and would probably find it near impossible with my COPD requirements. I had lived in New Mexico and west Texas for about eighteen years and hoped to also use the trip to take Fran to some new spots that we we not able to make on a western trip several years ago. If you have any interest in that trip the write up and photos are at
I was already not to satisfied with my pulmonologist and when I queried him about the trip his response was, "Absolutely not! If you try going to 5,000 feet or more you might as well go home, get in bed and die. The trip would be too difficult for you and "I" would not be there when you got in trouble." This response did not improve my poor opinion of his abilities as a doctor for me. I want someone who will explain the risk and problems to me then leave the decision to me. If I decide I want to do something then I want a doctor to supply help and support not one that tells me to "Go home, get in bed and die!"

Reading on in Mikes Story, you will find that he eventually connects with a doctor with a completely different philosophy : "Life is too short to start, 'not doing' the things that you want to do.".

Mike' trip was successful, his story is an inspiration, the photographs are spectacular. You can see all of it on Mike's webpage Here.

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