Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Power Of The Internet - Enjoy The World In Links

Dear Karen,
I have never done this before!

This is really quite amazing considering that the
Internet has changed my life more than any other technology.

The Internet helped me find Doctors that kept my Father
alive when all others said he had only 2 months to live!

The Internet helped me research and write my book
"The Power of Positive Habits."

The Internet helps me change lives everyday by delivering this
newsletter to you!

"What is it that I have never done before?"

I have never written a newsletter that concentrates
totally on the power of the Internet.

That changes today!

Are you ready to have more fun on the internet then you have
ever had?

Are you ready to bookmark more web pages in one day then you have
in a year?

Are you ready to go on an adventure that will make you laugh, cry
and look at the world in amazement from the comfort of your sofa?

Are you ready to explore the Earth?

Are you ready to see images that will make you cry and read stories
that will make you laugh?

Are you ready to access the power of the internet to make your
life easier?

"Your adventure starts right now!"

Share this email with others so they can experience the excitement
that you are about to experience.

Here goes!

Follow the links below and experience the internet
like you have never experienced it before!

See the 7 Wonders of the world in 360 panoramas!

Want to track any Airline Flight in Real Time?

That's right, simply input any flight number and
airline and see where the plane is in real time.
This amazing web site tracks 1,000's of flights
every day. Now you will know if the person you are
picking up at the airport is going to arrive on time.


Want to be inspired by great thinkers?
This site provides you with quotes from
the most brilliant people that every inhabited
this planet! Get inspired.....RIGHT NOW!


What does your home look like from space?

This web site lets you zoom in on any neighborhood and see
what it looks like from space.


This is so simple yet so powerful. Talk about a web site
that provides a perfect tool to complement "The Power of
Positive Habits" this web site will send you reminder
emails for any subject and any duration. Perfect
for reminding you about new habits you want to acquire
while on the go.


The beauty of the Planet Earth. Stunning photographs
of planet Earth that will amaze you and remind you of
the fragile nature of our protect it.


Would you like to see interesting emails that are being forwarded
all around the planet right now? Maybe this email will make the


It only takes a split second for something beautiful
to happen. This web site takes a moment in time and
freezes it for you to see. Breathtaking!


Are you bored?

Not anymore. The Boredstop site will keep you busy.


Want to know the best time to book an airline ticket?
Farecast will tell you.


Are you smart enough to get smarter? Of course you are!
This web site will give you some tips to help you
increase your intelligence.


What kind of advice can a billionaire inventor
and entrepreneur give you about life?

Read Steve Jobs commencement address here:


Ever wonder what the Earth looks like from space at night!

Gaze at this amazing photo and you will quickly see where
the people that inhabit this planet are living.


Problems with Windows XP? Find the fix here.


Save money with coupon codes.


If you want to find the coolest sites on the net you
only need one tool....."Stumbleupon." Download
this tool now and discover the most incredible sites
on the net!


Do you love music?

If you answered yes you will love this web site. The 100
greatest music web sites on the net

By the is my favorite.


Want to go someplace far away right now?

This amazing website will take you on amazing virtual tours
of far away places.



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Wishing You Continued Success!

Dan Robey

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