Thursday, October 4, 2007

COPD Athletes

A fellow COPDer, Roxlyn Cole, sent the link to a most inspiring website belonging to a friend of hers.
Roxlyn's note:

Folks with an asthma component of COPD might like to check out this walking friend of mine...
on-line friend that is
- The Bay City Walker
Next week he and my friend from Denver, Mike McBride will meet in Portland to try the Portland Marathon. Mike will be pulling his 4 high flow tanks of oxygen on his carte...
Steve had severe lung problems but isn't yet on supplemental oxygen. They both have true grit!
Steve is an understands his disease. All of us say, you do not have to attempt a huge goal...just try to do a little bit more moving -any which way you can-a minute more a week adds up over a year to 52 minutes of getting stronger.

When you're done there, please visit Roxlyn's blog. She's pretty amazing herself!