Monday, October 29, 2007

My Seaside Vacation- From the Old Stone House by Tish Bauer

My sister and I just returned home from our much needed weekend get-away to the seashore, after two years of planning it finally happened! We packed up my wheelchair; my c pap machine, nebulizer, inhalers, other medications and we were off at last!!! It couldn't have been more perfect! It wasn't too hot (or I wouldn't be able to sit on the beach) It was in the high 70s near 80. We arrived at the same time as my oxygen. The truck pulled up to the Inn the same time we did. This is the first time that I have gone away since I am on 02 and I was pleased at the way things went. After last winter I didn't think I would ever get out of the hospital and here I am at the seashore!!

Our room was very nice. It was on the 1st floor,with a bedroom and a sitting room. The sitting room was painted the same color as my living room at the old stone house, needless to say, I felt right at home. As much as my sister and I are alike, where we wanted to stay was very different. I love the beautiful old bed and breakfasts and Lynn would rather stay in a modern day hotel-motel. I was very happy that she let me have my way this time. The house had a wrap- around- porch which we enjoyed while we were there.
The inn keeper, Greg, was very nice and also very helpful. He was also the cook and the breakfast choices were just great! We had fruit, juice, coffee, and Greg's crumby coffee cake while waiting for the main course, the best blueberry pancakes I have ever had! We took our time as we were in no hurry but just enjoyed the peaceful pace of our week end getaway.
Greg told us that we could get a special wheelchair that would enable me to get on the beach. He gave us a number and we spoke to Tim. Tim asked where we were staying and told us to wait on the porch; he would bring the chair right over. While we waited on the porch we heard this squeak, squeak, squeak, there coming up the street was Tim pushing this huge blue and white wheelchair with giant balloon tires and a full-sized attached sun umbrella! My chariot had arrived!! We thanked Tim and we were off to the beach.

I comfortably bounced along as Lynn pushed me right up to and on to the sand! I never dreamed that I would ever get to the beach again let alone the water. She pushed me right into the water, I got up with the help of my came, and walked a bit in the waves!! It was so great! We spent several hours just enjoying the beach, listening to the surf, the wind and the seagulls flying over. I felt so good, I found out that I could shut off my 02 and just breathe in the wonderful sea air! No wonder in years past people were sent to the sea to recuperate from long illnesses. I sure felt better just being there.
While on the beach I happened to look over to see a man standing nearby. He was very well dressed in a suit and tie. He had two children with him obliviously not dressed for a day at the beach. The children ran toward the water laughing and shouting. I heard the man exclaim, "Oh boy, if they get their clothes wet am I in trouble!" They were there for the day looking to buy a house in the area and the children wanted to go to the beach. The little girl's eyes lit up when she spotted my chariot. She was in awe of the balloon wheels, my 02, and me! She touched the big wheels and then sat on one and gently bounced up and down laughing. She was 7yrs old and very sweet and very talkative. She confided in me that she had an "Under the Sea" bedroom, complete with "the little mermaid." I told her I also had a sea theme bedroom.. I have seagulls soaring across one wallwall and paintings of Victorian ladies and children strolling across the beach on another, and a vase filled with seashells collected through the years from vacations of the past.
She stood next to me and while she talked to me she gently stroked my arm ever so carefully as though I were a fragile peace of fine china that might break. I looked at her sweet, young face and she laughed as the wind playfully tossed her lovely auburn hair in the sea air! Their grandfather gathered the children together and they headed back to the car. She looked back and waved as they disappeared from view------Oh to be that young and carefree again!
The weekend pasted all too soon and after enjoying the beach, boardwalk, and the beautiful ocean views, we reluctantly headed for home As we were leaving, after all, all good things do come to an end; we stopped in a little shop. I saw a sampler there
that said:

"Be not afraid of going slowly
Be only afraid of standing still".

And so, I continue enjoying life, just at a slower pace---- and I don't plan on standing still any too soon!! The sign now hangs on a wall here at "The Old Stone House" When I see it, I think about our wonderful weekend at the seashore and that all things are possible, even with COPD. I wonder where we will go next time!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
Sept 2007

Thank you so much, Tish, for sharing one more story from your life at The Old Stone House. This story of your journey to the ocean brought tears to my eyes.
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