Tuesday, November 27, 2007

COPD And Stress / Not A Healthy Mix - How To Manage Holiday Stress

The Best of Times,
The Worst of Times,
Often the Holidays Aren't All They're Cracked Up To Be...

Here are some articles to help you to enjoy your holidays more,
Or at least to cope with the season a little more comfortably.
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Beating Holiday Stress
From Web MD this article contains strategies and stress tips for successfully navigating the holiday tides
The strategies?

Strategy: Cut Yourself Some Slack-
With four tips to show you how

Strategy: Eat to stave off tension as well as hunger.
Three tips for calmer, healthier eating

Strategy: Put whatever's stressing you in perspective
With three tips to help you change your outlook

Strategy: Learn how to have more fun with less stuff!
Three final tips

Great article!

from Dr. Phil-
Making the Holidays More Enjoyable
Find out how to bring a little sanity into your holidays.

The American Psychological Association has this article
Coping with Holiday Stress
to help answer these questions-

How Can You Deal With Continuing Family Problems During The Holidays?

Do Financial Pressures Stress People Out to the Point of Ruining the Holiday Spirit?

How Do Time Pressures Affect People Around the Holidays?

How Does a Person Deal With the Holidays When He or She Has Just Experienced A Recent Tragedy, Death or Romantic Break-up?

What Are Some Good Coping Strategies?

At the Mayo Clinic Site-
Stress, Depression and the Holidays:
12 Tips for Coping

The article lists three areas that commonly trigger holiday stress or depression:
and Physical Demands,
Then gives 12 tips or pre-emptive strategies for handling these areas

From Harvard Medical School
Stress- When Family Fun Is No Fun!
this article talks about how to avoid letting perfectionism spoil the party and how to worry less!

And finally, Oprah's list of Dos and Don'ts for the Season
Family , Gifts, Expectations and Health
Don't let the Holidays Drive You Crazy!!!