Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - The COPD Christmas Wish List

Well, I've done the Thursday Thirteen on my Grammy blog and on my journal blog - it's time to wander over to where I really work and add a bit of thirteening here too.

The Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Gifts Your COPD Person Would Love For Christmas!

This Christmas gift "wish list" was compiled last year with the help of the super members of the forum Sharing COPD Information

It's certainly true that people with COPD are in most respects people just like you or me.
(hey...wait a minute... "they" are me! And quite possibly you. Or someone you know.)

We're still the same people we always were and the gifts that we've received in the past, we'll probably still enjoy now and in the future.

But there are some changes that are unique to the COPD lifestyle. That's where this "wish list" comes in. If we could ask Santa to bring a few things, here's what they might be:

1. an oximeter

2. good books/movies, especially happy/humorous ones

3. comfortable walking shoes & insoles

4. warm jacket with pockets
(a down jacket or similar outerwear is much preferred to the synthetics for warmth, especially for those of us who don't move too fast when we're outside- even though they are a bit more pricey)

5. rolling backpack/suitcase

6. gift certificate for favorite restaurant (especially ones that have take-out)

7. one frozen lobster

8. a bus tour – the kind that usually feature some sort of concert or show,
then lunch and perhaps a few other stops before heading home

9. a nice, soft scarf that can be worn over your mouth and nose when outside

10. a very good office armchair with all direction rollers.

11. a trip to the mall for 2 hours with door to door service as well as someone willing to carry packages as I shop.

12. take my car to the car wash (or do it yourself) for a wash, wax and general cleaning

13. a fluffy bathrobe

We have a lot of great ideas on that forum, so here's nine more:

1. help running errands for 4 hours

2. a warm, washable lightweight vest

3. comfortable, padded barstool with seatback to be able to sit comfortable at the kitchen counter while preparing meals

4. door to door service for two-three hour outings

5. an emergency dialer with speaker phone and panic button (push the button you wear around your neck & the base will automatically call the numbers you programmed until someone answers; they can activate the speakerphone & talk to you--NO monthly service fees)

6. a pre-paid cell phone for emergencies

7. a MedicAlert (or similar) jewelry & service

8. housekeeping service for one day

9. a portable voice recorder to record the questions & doc's answers at appointments to listen to again at home

For some more good ideas, I found a catalog that I like at
They have garden tools, mobility accessories, music collections-
I really like the long handled body lotion applicator for your back or legs....

another catalog- is more medically oriented and not as much fun, but they do carry almost everything you might need to assist you with the "activities of daily living" at a pretty good price
(no lotion applicator though)

In the sidebar to your right, you'll find the link to the Problem Solvers shop. There's lots of stuff to drool over in their catalog!

If you can think of items to add to our wish list, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to let Santa know.