Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The COPD Survival Manual - It Takes Your Breath Away - By Brian Webster

A Thirty Year Survivors Story

COPD can strike almost anytime, although in most it begins around the 60's. Patients might well have had COPD years before that but their signs might have been misdiagnosed . COPD signs mimic so many minor diseases(occasional shortness of breath, intermittent coughs, tiredness) that it is only when all meet together in a major way that they might be understood as COPD. My original Doctor was stuck on "Oh dear, Mr. Webster, you have another one of those nasty winter coughs I see." It was only when I went to a specialist that I discovered what it was - COPD.

That is partially the reason for the book. I hope that a lot of people who hear about it may well ask for a fuller examination during thir annual check up. It takes a few minutes longer but may well extend your life. My Book "It Takes Your Breath Away" is really important to any Stage of COPD since it covers most of the information you need to survive.
- Brian Webster

Brian's book, before now available on CD only, is now available in print.
Please visit his website - It Takes Your Breath Away - for a wealth of information about COPD and how Brian lives his life with this disease. You will also find the information you need to contact Brian and order his book.