Tuesday, May 29, 2007


NECA (the National Emphysema/COPD Association), one of the partners in the National Institutes of Health 2007 COPD Awareness Initiative, will be conducting a national survey to identify and assess the unmet medical needs among people with COPD. Questionnaires will be sent to people with COPD, as well as physicians and respiratory therapists caring for people with COPD. Results from this survey will provide valuable insight into:

>The unmet medical needs among people with COPD
>The impact of COPD on work, activities of daily life and its economic burden
>Physicians' and respiratory therapists' attitude towards the management of patients with COPD

Please visit the NECA website here to participate in this upcoming survey.
This is an important opportunity to have our voices heard and raise awareness of our needs.

I signed up today and was told the survey would begin near the end of June.
Please join in me and have your say too!