Wednesday, May 30, 2007

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

To celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day, I'll post a link to the Exercise Page in my links library.
There are a lot of excellent websites out there offering everything from yoga routines to at-home pulmonary rehab.

Bodies that are strong with muscles that work efficiently require less effort - and therefore less oxygen - to move through the day.
And it's important to remember that moving through the day is also exercise!
Grocery shopping, household chores, working a bit in the yard, walking up and down stairs - any time your body is moving, That's Exercise!

I have found my biggest motivator for regular exercise is my dog.
I walk him for a mile every day that the weather permits.
He provides companionship, he leads me through the neighborhood giving me an opportunity to experience time outdoors that I probably would not give to myself.
I also have an exercise bike and a used treadmill that we picked up at a garage sale,
and a mini trampoline (careful if you try that one...) but it's the dog that I recommend.
Borrow one if you have to, and take him for a walk.
You'll enjoy it, the dog will love it and his owners will be very grateful!