Wednesday, June 13, 2007

COPD-International Newsletter

This week's edition of the COPD-International weekly newsletter is available online by following this link. While there, you can also subscribe to the email version delivered right to your inbox every Monday so you'll be sure to never miss an issue.

At the end of this week's newsletter there is a tribute to Philip Cable. It begins with a quote from Phil describing his view of online support for people with COPD:

"What we are all trying to do here is to help others when they ask and to try and put a positive spin on our lifestyle, sort of like the glass half-full analogy. I am not one of these rah-rah, shishboom bah type of people that will tell you that every thing is great and nothing you have or do is as bad as me or some body I know. Rather I want to listen to your story and help you if I can" Phil Cable, March 2005