Thursday, June 14, 2007

Watch TV Tomorrow!

On Friday, June 15th, Grace Anne and Ted Koppel will be interviewed by Barbara Walters and Joy Behar on ABC's The View. The magazine-style TV program currently reaches an estimated audience of more than 3 million viewers. Grace Anne and Ted speak openly about Grace Anne's diagnosis and treatment for COPD, including her symptoms and risk factors for the disease. They also emphasize the need for greater use of lung function testing. Please check your local listings, or The View web site for time and station in your area.
The July 10 issue of Woman's Day, available on news stands later this week or early next week, features a three-page spread on Grace Anne's personal story with COPD and her advocacy as part of the Learn More Breathe Better campaign. Her first-person perspective may encourage those experiencing symptoms to talk with their doctors and get lung function tests. In addition to the story, Woman's Day has included additional information on its web site, including links to the Learn More Breathe Better campaign, the National Library of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, and the American Lung Association. You can view this resource list at: