Friday, July 13, 2007

Five For Friday - Five Ways YOU Can Become Involved

"Ah, what can I do? say a powerless few..." (Buffy St. Marie 1979)
There's a lot you can do - and ultimately? You're only as powerless as you let yourself be.
So what can you do?

1,2,3 - Advocate.
EFFORTS - the Emphysema Foundation support group currently has three email campaigns underway - all aimed at Congress, and all pushing for better care for COPD patients. So far, 31 Senators and 120 Representatives have agreed to sponsor one or more supporting bills in Congress! That's great!

Please consider joining these campaigns - we really need your help NOW!
Congress is likely to consider some of the health related bills soon, and, if we hope to influence them in our favor,we have to get our word out now -before they take up the bills.

(1) Get Uniform & Complete Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coverage
(2) Eliminate the Medicare Waiting Period for the Disabled...
(3) Expand membership in the Congressional COPD Caucus...

It's easy! Read about the campaigns on our webpages, then send your own emails, or use the samples on our webpages:

(1) Pulmonary Rehabilitation
(2) Disabled Waiting Period
(3) COPD Caucus

4 - Join
Find and Join a Support Group. Educate yourself about this disease, learn how others are living with it, share your experience.
We all need support and we are all needed. There is a full list of support groups and forums Here

5 - Register and Be Heard
COPD research is needed to find new therapies and possibly even a cure for COPD. In order to advance COPD research it is very important that the COPD community shows their interest and willingness to participate in research by completing their survey and joining The COPD Foundation Research Registry

Get Moving and Get Involved!