Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Exercise - 13 Reasons To Get Moving And 6 Ways To Begin

This morning, Anne Lornie, our ever so poetic friend at EFFORTS, is reminding us of the vital importance of exercise for the COPD community.

Our friends will shop for us at stores
But - exercise?
There's no get out clause
We are the only ones to do it
Sit around? We'll only rue it
10 steps today; more next week
Make a plan to reach your peak.
You'll feel fitter; might be fun? :)
Toughen up - don't be outdone.

Why Exercise? 13 Good Reasons

Exercise increases:

>Energy level

>Muscle strength and endurance

>Cardiopulmonary (heart-lung) endurance

>Ability to fight infection


>Restful sleep

>Bone density

Exercise decreases:

>Shortness of breath

>Risk factors of heart disease

>Blood pressure

>Side effects of medicine (steroids)


>Blood sugar levels

(complete article from EFFORTS here)

How To Exercise? 6 Links to Get You Moving

>Starting An Exercise Program by Mary Burns at PERF (Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation)

>Exercises For People With Breathing Problems - a home exercise program with illustrations for each exercise

>Essentials of Pulmonary RehabilitationA Do It Yourself Guide To Enjoying Life With Chronic Lung Disease

>Sit and Be Fit-
Information about the television program, DVD and VHS tapes, some sample exercise routines

>Stretching for Better Health- Chair Exercises with free video demonstrations

from the National Institute on Aging
>Exercises to Improve Your Strength
Even very small changes in muscle size can make a big difference in strength, especially in people who already have lost a lot of muscle. An increase in muscle that's not even visible to the eye can be all it takes to improve your ability to do things like get up from a chair or climb stairs.

That brings me to what I feel is the biggest benefit to beginning an exercise program, especially if you've been inactive for a while -
that indescribable sense of freedom that comes from regaining confidence in yourself and your body, in spite of the disease. Your sense of wellbeing will increase and your life will feel worth living again.

a bit of a side note and something to look forward to!
This week I will be following the format in Darren Rowse' series "Rediscover Your Blogging Groove." Today's task was writing a list post - we'll see where the rest of the week will lead us...
I'm learning a lot about blogging from Darren's blog - I'm sure good things are in store!