Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More About Exercise From Ann and EFFORTS

in my email this morning -

The following links are to be found amongst an enormous amount of helpful information on EFFORTS medical information pages. You will find everything from how to put your socks on to performing brain surgery before breakfast. :)
The link to medical information is as follows:
Some of the sites mentioned are given here for those who find navigating the web as hard as fighting their way out of a candy-floss factory. I was going to say 'fighting their way out of a straight jacket' but I've never tried that. Can it be so difficult? Did I hear someone say it can only be a matter of time before I find out?
Ann in England

In Brief: Exercise cannot reverse the physiologic and structural deficits of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but it can reduce disability by improving endurance, breathing efficiency, and dyspnea tolerance,especially in severely impaired patients. An exercise prescription should begin with an assessment of cardiac risk and exercise capacity. Initial workloads should be light, increases gradual, and follow-up consistent. Patients need encouragement,and may also need supplemental oxygen and treatment with bronchodilators,mucolytics, and/or corticosteroids. Patients who follow an individualized program can often increase their work capacity 70% to 80% within 6 weeks.

Someone with lung disease may start rehab in a wheel chair, unable to walk across the room, but usually, 6 weeks later is able to walk an hour a day.
Magic? Some people think so, but it really isn't. You too have that same capacity, though without professional help it is more difficult and may take longer to acheive. It is your muscles, not your lungs that are the problem.
We'll discuss that in detail another month but briefly, we now know that respiratory disease affects the muscles as well as the lungs. We may not be able to
make major changes in your lungs but we CAN do a great deal to improve your muscles and your ability to exercise! HAVE FAITH!

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