Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Bit More About The COPD Canada Patient Network - A Comment From Jackie

Thank you very, very much Karen for posting Barry's letter (about The COPD Canada Patient Network) on your blog. That was a very kind thing you did.

For too long people living with this disease have been feeling alone; like society's outcasts or lepers. This is true for not just Canada, but the world. Well; we're trying to change some things. We're working hard to unite COPDer's in Canada so that they have a stronger voice. We're advocating for Better medical treatments/medicines, earlier testing, access to rehab etc.

Another concern of ours is reaching the folks in rural areas who are probably in the worse position of us all.

Together we CAN! Care, Advocate, Network.

Membership in our organization is FREE and will have ongoing perks. We hope people will "sign up", unite and be unified. There is strength in numbers!

Once again, thank you Karen ; and you too Barry for writing that letter.

Jackie Whitaker for
COPD Canada Patient Network