Friday, October 19, 2007

The COPD CANADA Patient Network

The following is a letter from Barry Brooks, a fellow member of EFFORTS. I asked his permission to share it here to help spread the good word.

This is a message to all my friends at EFFORTS. I have been a member of
EFFORTS for quite some time now and have learned a tremendous amount about our common disease. I am also a member of COPD CANADA a similar type of knowledge based information service as EFFORTS.

I must applaud the ones who run EFFORTS on a daily basis for their
dedication and drive to help all with COPD. EFFORTS is based in the United States and has garnered an international following, and this is good.

The problem lies in the fact that Canadian laws and health services differ widely from those in the United States.

This is why a lady named Jackie Whitaker from the province of Nova Scotia,in Canada, launched the web site last World Copd Day on November 15, 2006. She has copd and is proud to announce that COPD Canada is now officially designated as a not for profit corporation under Canadian law and is officially called Copd Canada Patients Network

I would like to ask all members of EFFORTS if the have any family or friends
in our country to please advise them of our website so that they can have a say about their care and treatment in Canada. It is very difficult to say anything that is effective, as a single voice in the wilderness, but, as your members have found out a collective voice carries further and is noticed more, by more people.
Together ,we can, we are all fighting the same battle, indifference to our plight.

Respectfully submitted
Barry Brooks

Barry also suggested that we "Please keep your eyes peeled in as World Copd Approaches - an important announcement will be made.